The HUMANE Clinic is a space that values the autonomy and empowerment of individuals and provides an alternative to diagnosis led approaches.

In understanding a human being as a unique and autonomous soul, acknowledgement is made of the many ways an individual might perceive and experience mental distress or other meaningful realities.

HUMANE Clinic values the human to human relationship as an opportunity for an individual to develop meaning in their life, valuing the process of working through the story of their experience. 


Acknowledging that we cannot cure another person, or presume to know what is wrong with another person, the HUMANE Clinic takes the view that the individual should be the arbiter of their own experiences, the author and teller of their own story, and be in control of their own life journey.


At the HUMANE Clinic the individual seeking support is considered the best person to understand and make sense of their own mental distress. HUMANE Clinic therapists intend to be alongside another person as they discover what is meaningful - through acceptance of their experiences and exploring how they might feel empowered to create the best life for themselves. 

HUMANE Clinic recognises that a persons expression of distress, in whatever form this takes, is a function of communicating their needs. The HUMANE Clinic provides specialist clinics relating to people experiencing voices, visions, or other realities. The Clinic also works with individuals and networks who communicate distress through suicide, emotional expression, and those who have experienced oppression in the context of adversity, trauma and prejudice. 

HUMANE Clinic is also concerned with social justice and provides support and advocacy for those in the mental health system, experiencing domestic violence oppression, and those under involuntary orders of the Mental Health Act. The Clinic also works with people who are seeking to rationalise, reduce or taper off medication.   

Matt Ball

Matt Ball is a Nurse Practitioner, Psychotherapist and founder of Humane Clinic. Matt speaks internationally on humane approaches to working with a person in distress as an alternative to pathologizing, diagnosis led, mental health systems. 

Matt was awarded Australian Mental Health Nurse of the year in 2017 for his work providing alternatives. His vision for the Just Listening Community draws on lived and professional experiences.

Matt is an experienced trainer and keynote speaker. He has also developed the theory of Dissocaichotic, and teaches, supervises and consults nationally and internationally. Matt has also acted as an expert witness in child protection and family legal cases. 

His background includes valuing and learning from his own lived and professional experiences in mental health, drug and alcohol, domestic violence and compassion based approaches to human connection.

Rory Ritchie

Rory is a Social Worker and Psychotherapist, and facilitates training in humane approaches across Australia. Rory has lived experience of emotional distress. He understands feeling misunderstood and alienated by an emphasis on diagnostic labels, rather than acknowledgement that distress is an understandable response to our experience of the world.

Rory’s therapy approach prioritises offering non-judgemental and compassionate human connection. ​He has a particular interest in working with people who hear voices or experience extreme states and other emotional distress.

Rory has previous professional experience in homelessness and social justice advocacy. He has a deep understanding of our social, political, and economic systems, and the compounding alienation people can experience when interacting with these systems.




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