Philanthropic aspects of HUMANE Clinic 

At Humane Clinic we believe that access to effective support should be available to all people regardless of privilege, status or history. 


We are a private practice and as such we need to charge for services in order to earn an income but in keeping with our values we are committed to offering 20% of all services at reduced prices or free of charge. 

Details of reduced rates for trainings can be found on training registration documents and on the links for each training.


We also offer the free/low cost projects including:

  • Humane Dialogical Project

  • Just Listening

  • Community forums

  • Establishment of ED alternative with zero funding

  • Key Notes at conferences without pay

In keeping with our values of accessibility for those who experience financial disadvantage, we are proud to say that we offered 50% of places at the 2019 ReAwaken conference at discounted rates or free of charge.

Each year we also donate hundreds of hours to community building in Mental Health, in supporting people to come along on the journey and to being inclusive in offering spaces of connection and mutuality.