IFS Connections

Connecting Within • Connecting with Others • Support for the Journey

IFS Connections is a part of the HUMANE clinic, Adelaide Australia.

Our vision is to offer resources and connections for therapists, practitioners and all those on the healing path using IFS. We believe that through the mutuality of human relationship we each find empowerment to deepen into experience and spaces of growth.


IFS Connections was born out of a desire to bring together communities around Australia that are interested in supporting each other in our IFS work and life.  

IFS Connections offers:

 •  Video resources

   (including interviews with Dick Schwartz)

 •  Podcast 

 •  IFS training 

   (with International guests)

 •  IFS workshops 

  (on deepening into the model)

•  IFS retreats

   (for personal work)

We also offer  A Directory of:

 •  Local groups

  (using IFS for practice and support)

 •  Training

      (throughout Australia)

You can find more about IFS Connections at