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Hearing Voices approach

Hearing Voices approach

Accepting and making sense of voices

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Maastricht Interview of Voice Hearing

A journey of supporting the biographical nature of a persons experiences towards a formulation and meaning 

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Groups of mutuality, acceptance and revitalisation in sharing

Engaging With voices 

Incredible resource on engaging with voices 

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Working with people who hear voice and other altered or extreme states

The Hearing Voices movement has been led by the wisdom of people who hear voices  as a common human experience.  experts by experience have become the teachers of their supporters in making sense of meaningful human realities.

The Hearing Voices approach underpins the non pathologising perspectives that place the person in control of their life. This can be best summed up by the invaluable alternative: 

“An important question in mental health shouldn’t be “What’s wrong with you?” but, rather, “What’s happened to you?”
― Eleanor Longden


Workshops are available in the hearing voices approaches

Hearing Voices 2 days 

Group facilitator workshops - 3 days

Living well with voices - 4 days 

“And, fundamentally, diagnoses can deflect attention away from underlying social and emotional problems, wherein branding a scientific name on someone’s distress is never guaranteed to effectively lessen their pain.”― Eleanor Longden, Learning from the Voices in My Head