IFS Skills Workshop - Deeply being with experience 

Adelaide - January 17th & 18th 2020

​"All Parts Are Welcome" - This is the corner stone of the IFS model. So as therapists, how do we find spaces of truly embodying this for our own parts and for the parts of our clients.

​In this two day training we explore how we might bring all of our selves as both client and therapist into 'the work' and from this richness find permission for all experiences to be present.

Being deeply with experience - IFS skills workshop is a 2 day workshop focused on understanding the IFS model as more than a simple 'tool' but as a way of 'being with' our clients - and indeed our own experience.

​While this workshop is focused on offering therapists the skills to start working in the model, it recognises that there is no differentiating between the inner work of the client and the inner work of the therapist and for that reason it is open to people who are on their own journeys and seeking to deepen into their own practice of getting to know all that lies within.

Goals of the workshop:

·        Learn the basics of the IFS model, including a good understanding of Parts and Self

·        Learn basic skills in working with protectors and practice in groups - working on your own protectors

  (effective use of this model is only possible when we work with our own parts so please come prepared to go

  inward and hear from your own internal system)

·        Gain a thorough overview of the IFS therapeutic process including the Unburdening the Exiles

·        Understand how IFS is used with trauma, addictions, eating disorders etc

·        Witness a demonstration of the model

Who Is this workshop appropriate for?

·        Therapists, Psychologists, Counsellors, Social Workers, Peer workers as well as people who use services and carers. 

Workshop dates: January 17th & 18th 2020

Venue: 7/198-200 Main South Road, Morphett Vale, 5162

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​Please call Stephanie on 0412447245 if you have any questions