About Humane Clinic 

The HUMANE clinic is a space that values the autonomy and empowerment of individuals and provides an alternative to diagnosis led approaches.

Understanding a human being as a unique, autonomous soul, acknowledgement is made of the many ways an individual might perceive and experience mental distress or other meaningful reality.


HUMANE clinic values the human to human relationship as an opportunity for an individual to develop meaning in their life, valuing the process of working through the story of a person's experience. 


Acknowledging that we cannot cure another person, or presume to know what is wrong with another person, The HUMANE clinic takes the view that the individual should be the arbiter of their own experiences, the author and teller of their own story and be in control of their own life journey.


At the HUMANE clinic the individual seeking support is considered the best person to understand and making sense of their mental distress. The HUMANE Clinic intends to be alongside another person as she or he discovers what is meaningful through acceptance of the experiences and how she or he might feel empowered to create the best life for themselves.


The HUMANE clinic therapeutic approach supports individuals and their networks who are seeking to make sense of and work through difficulties and challenges. Counselling and Psychotherapy can be useful to develop a deeper understanding of the origins of our distress and work towards personal meaning,  empowerment, and recovery. ​

At the HUMANE Clinic we offer individual counselling and psychotherapy and group work for any person or network that experiences distress.  Humane Clinic therapeutic approach ideas that go against the diagnostic and deterministic models and is informed by many and varied theorists and ideas: From Laing to Rogers, from the PTMF to Buddhist teachers, Frankl, Guerin and indigenous knowledge and wisdom and existential meanings, Poly Vagal and trauma theories to spiritual and shamanic concepts and from original ideas and theories of Matt Ball

The approach of the Humane Clinic can be best understood through the Dissociachotic framework. The Dissociachotic framework was developed by Matt ball at Humane Clinic and has become internationally recognized as a meaningful way to understand and work through distress associated with adversity. 

The work of Humane Clinic is recognized nationally and internationally through Keynote presentations, media involvement,  workshops, and training. 

In 2021 the Humane Clinic will open a community-led ED alternative - Just Listening Community, building capacity in the community towards mutual healing. 

The Just Listening Community will also host SUICIDE Narratives