change can happen

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Social change is happening, hop on board.

Being defined as behaving within the constantly narrowing definitions of what is normal ( might not be for you. If that resonates then maybe it is time to celebrate you. Psychiatric labels are defined by an over privileged minority, dont let them define you.

Continually being asked for evidence to prove new conceptualization of your experience of mental distress or approaches to managing mental distress? Labelled as lacking insight because you don't agree with a non-sense (no-science) view? Just fed up with being told what is wrong with you according to another person that is not experiencing what you are experiencing (which of course they cannot be)? ... then maybe you just walk away from the label and choose your own pathway to recovery .

This clip demonstrates a recovery opportunity . Two guys defining themselves in a moment. They funk, they create, they become the energy and experience that they are...and people want to be part of it.

Adelaide sees the launch place of an awesome new online mag Our Voice by the awesome Ellie Hodges. If having a voices and being heard is part of your journey away from the labels Our Voice could be a place to have that experience. Read more about Ellie, a wonderful lived experience practitioner here. An alternative might be to provide some input into the next South Australian mental health plan. Its an opportunity to have a voices and the more voices of lived experience that are heard, the harder it becomes to ignore.

Making sense of a journey, or an experience, can take many different forms. The Icarus project has produce an incredible resource to understand and work through madness and oppression and is free to download and start thinking about Madness and Oppression

If you want to get together with people who are interested in changing the conversation you might want to head down to Christies Beach Healing Voices Collective get together to continue the conversation following the Many Voices Festival

A little bit of human spirit or spirituality might help...find what works for you but this is an interesting article on meditation

Whatever your journey, however you define yourself and whatever you experience of distress, joy, hope, happiness, community, love, safety, awesomeness, walk away from the definition that somebody else gives you as a label. Labels create mental illness, mental distress, emotional pain and intolerance.

Be beautiful, be who you are today and find your path that supports that journey...what ever path that may be.


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