Changing The Conversation

Through the wonderful work of the the Healing voices movie team the opportunity for social action and chance to to change the conversation is being facilitated.

At 100 venues across the world the film Healing Voices movie will be shown on 29th April 2016 in a global social action event.

Changing the conversation can be about defining our own language, interpretation, understanding or other perspective on the experiences of our mental state as human beings. For some that is a traditional model of mental health, for others it is orientated to defining personal recovery. It might be spiritual, relational, trauma based or any other meaningful description that a individual perceives their own reality to be. The event on the 29th April is a chance to speak to a new conversation on mental health in our communities.

In South Australia the movie is showing at Christie's Beach, Adelaide. Please reply to the contact on the poster if you would like to join a conversation on the night.


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