HUMANE Clinic becomes co-executive producer partner to HEALING VOICES Movie



Humane Clinic is grateful and excited to have become a co-executive producer partner to the Healing Voices movie ( As the Recovering Community global DVD release of the movie draws close, Humane clinic wanted to show support for the movie, social action and also provide clarity on the values and humane position the clinic takes on people experiencing extreme states and mental distress.

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Humane clinic is a space that seeks to provide shelter and growth from the shadows of the often diagnostic led mental health approaches to mental distress. Providing psychotherapy, counselling, group work, supervision and education, Humane Clinic is interested to explore with individuals how they can live a good life, in a way that embraces the unique story or storys that have led a person to developing their personal explanatory framework and experience of the world.

In moving away from diagnostic led conceptualizations, the space offered at Humane Clinic accepts and embraces the person as being in the world in the best way they can, and considers this strength central to individual moving towards personal recovery. Consistent with the story of the the three people in the Healing Voices movie, the Humane clinic values the personal understanding of experience in making sense of realities often labelled as mental illness in rejecting the value of labeling towards growth within the human relationship.

Humane Clinic does not pursue a reduction of symptoms through interventions due to 'faulty thinking' or other terms that might lead to a sense of invalidation of a persons reality. The approach facilitated at the Humane Clinic considers and values the coming together of human beings as central in the individual choosing the path they find most useful on a journey of personal reality and unique value in the world. Although people may find value in practical solution focused approaches, the Human Clinic is concerned with offering an alternative should a person or network value different ways of working. Humane Clinic may be considered to provide a non-goal orientated therapeutic space, with intention and direction of therapy driven by the person seeking support, not the intention of the therapist. It is the non goal orientated approach that paradoxically provides value to the individual moving in the direction they choose as part of the process of acceptance and meaning on a journey the individual can make sense of.

The the decision to become a Co-Executive Producer to the Healing Voices movie becomes more obvious as the Humane Clinic is privileged to be providing positive spaces based on personal reality and experience through psychotherapy and counselling with Stephanie Mitchell or Matt Ball and workshops including Remapping Your Mind: North American Aboriginal Concepts of Mind and Self with Lewis Mehl-Madrona and Mindful Self Compassion 8 week training

Recovering Community event 'intends to expand the scope of community dialogues from “mental health” to a broader, public health focus, by bringing together demographics including addiction recovery, disability, holistic health, LGBTQ2SI, social justice, spiritual communities, and more, to explore the intersection of these issues in society' Come and be part of the conversation on Tuesday May 2nd as part of the Recovering Community events in Australia. The screening and panel conversation is hosted by Many Voices Collective at the Adelaide Bike Kitchen



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