Introducing a really wonderful person

Amanda Waegili is an incredible person. Alongside her wonderful being, she also provides some wonderful training and other resources here.

Amanda has walked so many varied and important paths, so often in the interest of others. She is a person that demonstrates the wonderful potential in personal recovery through her courage and humanity and shares this experience in the context of peer work, presentations, workshops and consultancy.

I have benefited from her friendship, guidance and from just knowing that she is at the end of the phone or email to explore ideas and concepts. It is a great pleasure to share her work and prospectus so that others can benefit from the Hearing voices Training and Consultancy services that she offers.

Amanda is also a talented musician and with her partner has written performed and produced music that can be purchased here.

You can see a video of Amanda talking about coming of psychiatric medication with Will Hall. Psychiatric drug withdrawal can be a challenging and significant part of a recovery journey some people. As ever Amanda provides a wonderful insight into a journey she has undertaken: