Therapy in many guises

Therapy can be found in many places, from many sources and in the companionship of many different people (including our self).

In response to the statement below, David from Nunkeri Centre for Yoga, Meditation and Bowen Therapy provides a reflection on the sense of co-existence and a shared sense of being both different and the same and how the application of Ahimsa (non violence) can help us understand the opportunity to see ourselves in the reflection of another person towards our own personal growth. Acknowledging and understanding the impact of actions of others as potentially traumatic, Davids reflection does create the possibility and potential to grow through any experience when we have enacted Ahimsa towards our self and therefore any other person:

'I disagree. It is not ok to dislike someone. You should see other people as a mirror of yourself. If you dislike someone you dislike yourself. We are on this earth to learn. Our teachers are everywhere. You may dislike the behaviour of another person but you should not dislike the person. They are you. Om Shantih'


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