Welcoming a new therapist to HUMANE clinic

HUMANE clinic is very excited to welcome Stephanie Mitchell. Stephanie will be joining the clinic in providing individual psychotherapy and group therapy work in her role as a Contracted Transactional Analyst Trainee (3rd year). Stephanie has extensive experience that she brings to her role but most important she brings beautiful values and understanding in being along side others on their personal journeys. Stephanie's fees can be viewed here and she can be contacted here Read more about Stephanie and the Humane clinic via the website Stephanie has experience working with groups and individuals through her time as a mental health support worker and counsellor. During this time she has had the privilege of working with people facing a board range of challenging life events from grief and loss issues, to relationship stress, to complex trauma. Most people come to see a therapist because of some discomfort or ‘stuck-ness’ in their lives. Stephanie believes that all patterns of behaviour, thought or feeling come with hidden meanings and that change occurs as the client and therapist work together to ‘unpack’ these previously unknown meanings. Stephanie focusses on creating a safe space where all parts of the Self are welcomed and the pace of the exploration is set by the client. Stephanie says “While I bring skills and knowledge to the therapeutic work, it is the individual that brings the courage, determination and introspection which ultimately brings about the beautiful unfolding that leads to healing”.

​Stephanie has an interest in Rogerian ‘Person Centred’ therapy and this forms the basis of her work, however she also has an interest in Transactional Analysis, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Family Therapy, working with ‘parts’ or ‘voices’, and Internal Family Systems Therapy. She has undertaken training in Voice Dialogue, Focussing and Coherence Therapy along with her long term training in Transactional Analysis.

​Stephanie considers that ‘a therapist can only take a client as far as they themselves have travelled’ and as such she has undertaken her own journey of unfolding through psychotherapy. Stephanie is also involved in ongoing professional supervision and practice improvement.

Stephanie is a member of the Australian Transactional Analysis Association. She is currently training as a psychotherapist and is contracted with the International Transactional Analysis Association as a Trainee (Member ID: 5374). She offers one to one counselling and psychotherapy in a student capacity.


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