Psychotherapy offers a space to make sense of our experiences and relationships and how considers how these influence us in our daily lives. As we develop meaning around this we intrinsically find ways to move forward to live our lives in the ways we more naturally want, with less internal constraints

Facilitated Support Groups

Support groups are formed to meet a on specific need and are focused on finding what is common between us. It is an experiential approach where group cohesion and shared knowledge are the primary goals. ​

Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a different way of working to a support group setting. It focuses on more of therapeutic sharing and processing of individual and interpersonal difficulties of each member of the group. The group members and the therapists work together to support insight, compassion and change in the group and individual. 

Open Dialogue

Open Dialogue is a therapeutic approach that works with the family and social system of a person seeking to understand their distress. Two therapists meet with the person and their network in a reflective space that allows all voices to be heard. Distress does not exist in isolation, within an individual, it exists with a social context and through the process of working within the social context new meanings and understandings are identified. 

Supervision/Group Supervision

Supervision to individuals and groups. Supervision is an important part of spending time with other people in therapeutic, supportive or helping roles.  The principles offered in psychotherapy by HUMANE clinic form the basis for a non directional and reflective supervision space for clinicians and other professionals in the field of health provision and support.


Available to organisations,  groups and individuals in the areas of recovery, experiences of treatment, delivering services in ethical and compassionate ways, professionals [re]discovering how to work therapeutically with individual recovery journeys and working through recovery journeys of the mental health professional


HUMANE clinic is available to provide education to groups and organisations in the following areas:

  • Working with and making sense of voices

  • Being with and understanding psychosis

  • Understanding the human to human relationship

  • Working within a person centred approach

  • Working with another person in a recovery based approach


Education ranges from public short talks to 1, 2 or 3 day workshops. Workshops are available across Australia.

Matt & Stephanie talking to a group during 'Living Well With Voices' training in June 2019. 


$150 per hour*

Group Therapy

(Yalom group psychotherapy 1.5 hours)

$70 per person/week

(max of 8 people per group)

Living Beyond the Shadow of Abuse

(facilitated support group)


Open Dialogue

(Family/network group work)

$240 per hour


$200 per hour

Group Supervision

$70 per person/week

Consultation and Education

Fees vary dependent on content/length

Please contact for further information

*A limited number of reduced cost sessions are available for people on low incomes

Matt & Stephanie demonstrating the Open Dialogue process.