Psychosis 365 - Jan 1st 2019 - Matt Ball

Matt talks about his own experiences with psychosis and mentions how connections can be key to restoring balance

Psychosis 365 - Jan 2nd 2019 - Noel Hunter

"Trauma is real, discrimination is real, oppression is real... just because people are suffering with these doesn't mean they have a brain disease"

Psychosis 365 - Jan 3rd 2019 - Oryx Cohen 

Oryx talks about how understanding the meaning behind our experiences is a way of being less distressed by them

Psychosis 365 - Jan 4th 2019 - Laura 

Laura talks about the value of her lived experience, the value of the voices and her communication with them.

Psychosis 365 - Jan 5th 2019 - Ross

Psychosis? Whochosis?? Ross talks about his experiences of being labelled

Psychosis 365 - Jan 6th 2019 - Louisa Dent Pearce

Louisa talks about how psychosis is a normal part of spiritual evolution for many people.

Psychosis 365 - Jan 7th 2019 - Debra Lampshire

Debra Lampshire talks about psychosis as a normal response to extreme anxiety or distress

Psychosis 365 - Jan 8th 2019 - Alex

Alex talks about learning to accept his experiences

Psychosis 365 - Jan 9th 2019 - Chris 

Chris talks about how studying psychotherapy led him to becoming friends with someone that had psychosis experiences and speaks about the stigma that surrounds this topic.

Psychosis 365 - Jan 10th 2019 - Taylor 

Taylor speaks about how her perceptions of psychosis have changed.​

Psychosis 365 - Jan 11th 2019 - Rufus May 

Rufus May talks about how he works with with people incorporating physical approaches 

Psychosis 365 - Jan 12th 2019 - David Mitchell 

David talks about how psychosis might be thought of different different...but also just the same

Psychosis 365 - Jan 13th 2019 - Wendy Scott 

Wendy talks about her experience working in Nepal and how this has helped her work here in Australia.

Psychosis 365 - Jan 14th 2019 - Stephanie Mitchell 

Stephanie talks about normal responses to trauma and experiences and the story behind whats currently happening for a person and how listening to the person supports the development of meaning.

Psychosis 365 - Jan 15th 2019 - Reggie  

'I guess we're all mad then'! Reggie discusses cultural perspective of living with visions and voices as part of life and the problem of diagnosing and medicating people when every human goes through these experiences in one way.

Psychosis 365 - Jan 16th 2019 - Julia   

Julia talks about how people experience reality in different ways - depending on what what has happened to us, and how we need to find more kindness in order to work through our experiences.

Psychosis 365 - Jan 16th 2019 - Christine   

Christine shares with us how she was taught as a nurse that psychosis is an aberrant symptom of disease and how she has come to see it differently and now works with more compassion for people experiencing distress.

Psychosis 365 - Jan 18th 2019 - Carlene   

Carlene speaks about how her son experienced voices and how one of these was a helpful voice and one a less helpful voice and that from a cultural perspective she believes it has to do with spirits.

Psychosis 365 - Jan 19th 2019 - Helena    

Helena talks about our common human experience. She talks about the adaptive response represented by voice and visions as part of interpreting and making sense of the lives we live

Psychosis 365 - Jan 20th 2019 - Lewis Mehl Madrona   

Lewis talks about how in his cultural upbringing (Cherokee) everyone heard voices and

that when he trained as a doctor he was taught that it was considered pathological to

hear voices.

Psychosis 365 - Jan 21st 2019 - Travis 

Travis talks about psychosis being an individual thing and how other cultures embrace voice hearers who can be seen as influential and important

Psychosis 365 - Jan 22nd 2019 - Michael Brown    

With a police background, Michael talks about his thoughts on psychosis and how it can be, at times, invisible and unrecognisable

Psychosis 365 - Jan 23rd 2019 -  Charlie Heriot-Maitland  

Charlie speaks about how when we view psychosis as wrong or bad this leaves a person feeling shamed and isolated and sets up an inner conflict within the person already experiencing distress and how compassion is imperative for healing

Psychosis 365 - Jan 24th 2019 - Julia     

Julia talks about the stigma and failure of the diagnostic language of psychosis that fails to describe of recognise the human beings and fail to describe the meaning of the experience.

Psychosis 365 - Jan 25th 2019 - France     

France talks about how 'The whole world opens up, you are connected to everything and everything can come based on your being'

Psychosis 365 - Jan 26th 2019 - Duncan    

Duncan talks about how in Aboriginal culture voices have important messages to convey.

Psychosis 365 - Jan 27th 2019 - Matt Halpin    

After initially thinking 'there's something wrong with me', the idea that psychosis could have been protecting and leading the way is discussed.

Psychosis 365 - Jan 28th 2019 - Lorna 

Lorna shares her experiences of being alongside people who have experienced psychosis and what that has been like for her as each person tries to 'learn what their soul is trying to tell them through their experience'

Psychosis 365 - Jan 29th 2019 - MJ    

MJ discusses her own experiences with voices, visions and realities and how connections have made a profound impact on her life.

Psychosis 365 - Jan 30th 2019 - Amanda     

Amanda tells us how psychosis has been her teacher.

Psychosis 365 - Jan 31st 2019 - Melissa

Melissa psychosis cant be explained as being the result of only one thing, but that we can say it is a state of overwhelm and attempting to make sense.

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