Stephanie Mitchell 

Compassion for Borderline: All parts are welcome

Key Note workshop - ReAwaken Australia April 2019

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Matt Ball

Mental Health Nurse of the Year 2017

ACMHN -  Acceptance speech

Matt Ball 

Dissociachotic: Seeing the non psychosis we share

Key Note workshop - ReAwaken Australia April 2019

Matt Ball

Reflections on Madness and Love in the Human To Human Relatsionship

Key Note Presentation- The MHS Conference 2019

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Matt Ball

Walking through a Mine Field 

Speech for the Mental Health Commission


  • Living Beyond the Shadow of Abuse - A facilitated group for adult survivors of childhood trauma and abuse - Abstract for TheMHS conference presentation by Stephanie Mitchell, Adelaide - August 2018 

  • Healing Voices and Psychosis365 on EMPOWER Radio show USA - Stephanie Mitchell and Matt Ball or the Humane Clinic join Oryx Cohen (National Empowerment Centre, USA)

2018 Finalist - 2018 Hesta Australian Nurse of the Year Award - Matthew Ball

2017 Australian Mental Health Nurse of the Year - Matthew Ball

2017 Best Paper Presentation in General Category at the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses        International Conference - Matthew Ball

2015 South Australian Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards: Clinical Practice - Metropolitan Registered Nurse/Midwife - Matthew Ball

2014 Stan Alchin Award: Runner up for Best Paper Presentation at the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses International Conference - Matthew Ball