Training: Queensland

‘ReAwaken not Reform’ is building on the huge success of ReAwaken Australia 2019.

The addition of Lucy Johnstone introducing the Power Threat Meaning Framework via video link places ReAwaken at the forefront of positive change in mental health, addiction and trauma.

We are offering single day ReAwaken events around Australia, focused on themes of Compassion, Connection and Meaningful Action. To this end our goal for the day is focused on how we come together in community to support each other in the mutuality of growth and social action towards tangible change. 

ReAwaken 2020 will feature local, national and international speakers along with spaces to contribute to the ReAwaken Art project "Meaning Manual" and the book "Turning Point". Home groups are an important space for connection, mutual growth and plans for the future. 

What attendees can expect:

  • A community art project: re-writing the DSM 

  • A presentation by Lucy Johnstone on the Power Threat Meaning Framework with Q&A.

  • Key note presentations:

    • Matt Ball - 'Dissociachotic'​

    • Stephanie Mitchell - 'Compassion for Borderline'

    • Matt Ball & Stephanie Mitchell - 'Do it Anyway'

  • Experiential Home Groups focused on community and mutual support

  • Guest speakers

  • ReAwaken Manifesto presentation

  • ED Alternative - eCPR presentation

  • Film screening of 'Healing Voices'.


$150 Waged

$75 Unwaged/low income (limited spaces available on application)

Date: June 1st 2020.