Suicide Narrative Groups

Suicide Narrative groups 

Suicide Narrative groups (SNG) are inspired by the lived experience led Hearing Voices groups. They are intended to be unstructured groups of mutuality, acceptance and revitalisation in sharing constructs, narratives and connection towards empowerment and justice in people’s lives.  


Drawing on the three-phase model of transformation in Hearing Voices groups (Hornstein, Robinson Putnam, & Branitsky, 2020) the SNG’s seek to provide an environment for the phases of discovery, reframing and change. The SNG’s will be informed by Just Listening, ECPR and the Suicide Narratives construct (Suicide: Understanding Intelligently Contextualized Individually Determined & Experience).  


The groups are intended to provide places for safe and hopeful enquiry and consideration of emerging narratives through sharing. The groups can be attended by any person and should not be considered the domain of health professionals teaching or assessing a person in distress. Rather the groups are a place to recognise the individual and community healing that can occur through the courageous sharing and witnessing of personal human narratives and meaning.   


Groups can be facilitated by any member of the community who has a lived or living experience of suicide and adapted to the needs of the community in which they are being offered. The groups are not intended to be manualised or structured but may take on specific group narratives as they evolve.  


Group participants and facilitators may develop ideas and gather supportive knowledge on ideas identified as being of potential value by people in the group. In addition to sharing the knowledge within the group, a mutual learning of new information, ideas and supportive approaches can be developed as an ongoing process of mutual support. This can provide support in understanding individual narratives and empowerment of mutual learning.    


For consideration of the groups, workshops will be offered, focussing on the groups embracing the Suicide Narratives principles. SNG’s are free to attend and run in community spaces. They should remain outside the structures of neoliberalism that all too often colonise spaces of community and connection.  

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