Articles and Awards

2018 Finalist - 2018 Hesta Australian Nurse of the Year Award - Matthew Ball

2017 Australian Mental Health Nurse of the Year - Matthew Ball

2017 Best Paper Presentation in General Category at the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses International Conference - Matthew Ball

2015 South Australian Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards: Clinical Practice - Metropolitan Registered Nurse/Midwife - Matthew Ball

2014 Stan Alchin Award: Runner up for Best Paper Presentation at the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses International Conference - Matthew Ball

Matt Ball on ABC breakfast Show with Ali Clarke.

Matt Discusses the Just Listening Community Project 

​Compassion therapy for voice-hearing on:

RN All In the Mind

Matt Ball joins Charlie Maitland Herriot and Amanda Waegeli  in an interview with Lynne Malcolm

​​Healing Voices and Psychosis365 on EMPOWER Radio show USA - Matt Ball  the Humane Clinic join Oryx Cohen (National Empowerment Centre, USA​​​

From psychosis & struggle to Mental Health Nurse of the Year

On Drive with Geoff Hutchison, Matt Ball tells his story  

From mental health patient to nurse 'I've been there'

Radio NZ feature interview. Kathryn Ryan interviews Matt Ball 


Interview with Melanie Wrest at Tribe FM  talking about 

recovery from distress, bullying in mental health systems

& alternatives at Humane Clinic.

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ABC Just Listening
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Ball, M., & Picot, S. (in press). Dissociachotic: Seeing the non-psychosis that we share. Journal of Humanistic Psychology.

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Humane Clinic – Working with Voices and psychosis: case study (2019) Nurses - A voice to lead: Health for all. International Council of Nurses.


Diagnosis and Treatment: A Human Rights issue? - Australian College of Mental Health Nursing Magazine - Spring 2018,

By Matt Ball. 


'Psychosis Schizophrenia': The Importance of Understanding the Social Determinant of Trauma and Adversity Towards Supporting Personal Recovery  Australian College of Mental Health Nursing Magazine Autumn 2018  - Article by Matthew Ball and Stephanie Mitchell. 


​​I used to be psychotic and then I heard a voice again blog for Mad in America by Matt Ball. 

My journey from psychosis to 2017 Mental Health Nurse of the Year blog for SA Mental Health Commission by Matt Ball. 

Mental health patient becomes Australia's best mental health nurse blog on ABC radio Adelaide.

Children and Young People Who Hear Voices A Common Reality: Overcoming Stigma and Fear towards Hope, Empowerment and Recovery  Australian College of Mental Health Nursing Magazine - Spring 2017 , by Matt Ball, Andrew Fort, Amanda Waegeli and Ros Thomas.

Hearing Voices: A Common Human Experience Introducing the Journey From Emergency Distress to Personal Recovery  in a Public Mental Health System Australian College of Mental Health Nursing Magazine -Winter  2017​, By Matt Ball, Amanda Waegeli and Andrew Fort.