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Creating Community + Meaningful Action to Shift Paradigms in Mental Health, Trauma, + Addiction 

The conversation is changing. Awareness is rising. Yet our current paradigms remain dominated by notions of disease and disability.  Reawaken Australia will bring together change-makers for new outcomes based in social connection, understanding, and action, in response to these meaningful experiences and realities. 


We invite you to be part of this change


Learn about the growing evidence base, have new conversations, and emerge with tangible actions intended to build community and create positive outcomes for health and healing that are only possible if we awaken our spirit, together. 

Mental health, trauma, and addiction do not exist in isolation.  Just as adversity arrives in relationships, healing occurs with human connection. Join us to connect, take action, and be part of the re-awakening.

Reawaken Australia is the first event in a series of international events around themes of Mental Health, Trauma and Addiction. It is a collaboration with the HUMANE Clinic, National Empowerment Centre in the USA and Digital Eyes Film, creators of the film "Healing Voices". ​Speakers will present on topics around 3 themes – mental health, trauma and addiction and the links between these things. We are focused on community building and actionable outcomes.

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