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Individual psychotherapy

​Individual psychotherapy takes place between two people - the therapist and the person seeking therapy. Psychotherapy offers a human to human space to make sense of our experiences and relationships and consider how these influence us in our daily lives. 

Psychotherapy is an ethical enterprise that seek to discover what is a good life with the parameters of a person's life. 

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Group therapy

Group therapy is a different way of working to support networks in a group setting. It focuses on therapeutic sharing and processing of individual and interpersonal difficulties of each member of the group. The group members and the therapists work together to support insight, compassion and change in the group and in possibilities for change in each individual's life through new perspectives and experiences.   

Facilitated support groups

Support groups are formed to a group of people to meet related to an agreed experience of living (i.e. hearing voices or suicide) and are focused on finding what is common and what is between us. Humane Clinic support groups are informed by an experiential approach that prioritizes connection, justice to one another's stories and shared knowledge of being human. 

Open dialogue informed - HUMANE dialogical approach

Open Dialogue is a therapeutic approach that works with the family and social network of a person who is seeking to better understand their distress. Two therapists meet with the person and their network in a reflective space that allows all voices to be heard. Distress does not exist in isolation, within an individual, it exists within a social context. Through the process of working within this social context new meanings and understandings are identified. 

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