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SUICIDE Narratives

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Connection in


Suicide Meaning Conversation

Connection in ongoing support

Suicide Narrative Groups

Groups of mutuality, acceptance and revitalisation in sharing

Talking with Suicide

Understanding more deeply the purpose or meaning 

SUICIDE Narratives - Environments of knowing

Suicide Narratives is informed by lived experience, Dissociachotic, Emotional CPR, Just Listening, Power Threat Meaning Framework, Talking with Voices, The Hearing Voices approach and many other wise and wonderful humans. 

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Workshops are available in the Suicide Narrative approach including:

Suicide Narratives 2 days 

Group facilitator workshops - 3 days

Suicide Narratives and group facilitator workshops - 4 days

Suicide Narratives and the wise person: A person contemplating ending their life is a wise person who has a knowing of their story and can heal. Experiencing healing of self when sharing in companionship can be an empowering reality for the individual and the whole community - Ball & Ritchie