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Just Listening

Just Listening Community

Just Listening Community is a free community space creating connection for a person experiencing psychosis, suicide or other emotional distress.​

The service is a therapeutic environment for those seeking a meaningful alternative to other mental health services.​​

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Just Listening Community was formed to return healing of community back to the community, provide community responses that are sustainable, develop community empowerment and to remove inequalities of access to support for a person in crisis.


Just Listening is intended to provide a sense of Justice through the process of listening. Not seeking to change or alter, nor solve the problem or find solutions, Just Listening is a humanistic approach that places the presence and intention of mutuality as central. An overview of Just Listening and the skills employed are available at


Just Listening is an active process that facilitates meaning making through the Justice of hearing a person and their story -: ‘It is important to remember that storytelling and meaning-making are universal human capacities' (Johnstone and Boyle, 2018 et al, 2018, p. 244). 


Just Listening can be undertaken anywhere, at any time. It requires great intention on behalf of the listener and the person in distress; the intention to be in human to human connection.

Visit 'Just Listening' to learn more

Read 6 monthly evaluation report

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