Humane (adj): marked by tenderness, compassion and a disposition to kindly treat others

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The HUMANE clinic therapeutic approach supports individuals and their networks who are seeking to make sense of and work through difficulties and challenges. Counselling and Psychotherapy can be useful to develop deeper understanding of the origins of our distress and work towards personal meaning and empowerment. 

At the HUMANE Clinic we offer individual counselling and psychotherapy and group work for any person or network that experiences distress.

HUMANE Clinic also offers 2 specialist clinics in:

- Hearing voices and Psychosis

- Trauma Recovery  

HUMANE Clinic has launched the Centre for Human Relations - a national centre that offers training in psychotherapy ideas and approaches that takes a non pathologising position on human distress and meaning. 

The HUMANE Clinic approach is concerned with the human to human relationship and how we can find healing and recovery in the journey of humane connection.

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Human To Human Relationship