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Humane Clinic facilitates individual and group therapy approaches to anyone seeking a non pathologising and human to human approach. 

Workshops, training & public talks

Humane Clinic hosts a range of workshops and trainings throughout the year based in South Australia and further afield. Matt Ball also presents keynote and other public talks.

Supervision & consultancy

Humane Clinic offers supervision to individuals and groups, and consultation to teams, agencies and government services.

Just Listening Community

A community led Emergency Dept. alternative for people in crisis and distress. Volunteers will be trained in the Just Listening approach.


Humane approach 

The Humane Clinic therapeutic approach supports individuals and their networks to make sense of, and work through, difficulties and challenges. Counselling and psychotherapy can be useful to develop a deeper understanding of the origins of our distress and work towards personal meaning making,  empowerment, and recovery. ​

The approach of the Humane Clinic can be best understood through the Dissociachotic framework. The Dissociachotic framework was developed by Matt Ball at Humane Clinic and has become internationally recognised as a meaningful way to understand and work through distress associated with adversity.


'Psychotherapy is an ethical enterprise. I regard therapy as a work of love holding in mind the unique value of another person with whom we share common humanity' - Mary Duhig

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Tel: 0466 368 022

Humane Clinic acknowledges and respects Aboriginal peoples as the first peoples and nations of this land, and recognises Aboriginal peoples as the traditional owners and occupants of the lands and waters in South Australia. Further, that their spiritual, social, cultural and economic practices come from their traditional lands and waters, that they maintain their cultural beliefs, languages and laws which are of ongoing importance, and that they have made and continue to make a unique and irreplaceable contribution to the state. We acknowledge that Aboriginal peoples have endured, and continue to endure, injustice and dispossession of their traditional lands and waters through the continuing process of colonisation.