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Hearing Voices is a common human experience. People experience a range of different voice hearing realities, some of which can be difficult, overwhelming or distressing.  Others find they live well with voices and find meaning and take important life messages form what the voices say, who or what they represent and how they can help a person to make sense of their lives. 

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Dissociachotic theory is an explanatory framework for the emergence and evaporation of altered states (hearing voices / psychosis / suicide).


Dissociachotic can be understood as the experience of animation and giving life to being at variance of companionship to self, in order for the survival of self in relationship to interpersonal threat from another. Dissociachotic provides a framework to respond to any state of distress.


The Power Threat Meaning Framework is a new perspective on why people sometimes experience a whole range of forms of distress, confusion, fear, despair, and troubled or troubling behaviour. It is an alternative to the more traditional models based on psychiatric diagnosis.

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The Just Listening Community is a psychotherapeutically informed alternative to

other mental health services for people experiencing

emotional or mental distress, in whatever way that distress may be expressed. Just Listening seeks to

offer justice to a person’s story and experience of living through the process of listening with the

intention of meaningful human to human connection.

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